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I work and live in Ghent, Belgium, so we can speak in Dutch, French or English

About Me:

I'm a seasoned Coda expert who's been building powerful, custom docs since the platform's early days. My passion lies in crafting Coda solutions that go beyond spreadsheets and act like full-fledged applications, designed to streamline your unique business processes. I created HR processes, developed advanced planning systems and helped legal people.
In any function I worked during my career, I was interested in how to use and improve the data to work with: clients, pay-out commissions, to follow-up on partners and their offerings etc. It felt only natural that one day it would become one day my full time occupation. This having said, my work is more than number crunching. It all starts with identifying the problems we want to solve and next finding a way to get there. Spreadsheets have been the power tools of the last decades. Today we use Coda.

Why Coda?

Coda is more than just a spreadsheet tool – it's a game-changer. When your business outgrows messy spreadsheets, disorganized communication channels, and fragmented project management, Coda steps in to provide a unified, powerful workspace. In Coda you can create docs as powerful as apps. My ideal Coda docs are:
Focused: Each doc tackles one primary goal.
Maintainable: Simple to update and keep organized.
Efficient: I use native Coda functions whenever possible.
Connected (Smartly): I link docs using webhooks for streamlined workflows.
Data Synced: Two-way sync keeps information consistent across doc

I write weekly about Coda

I explore Coda's unique features, starting with fundamental concepts like its . My blog chronicles my journey as a Coda Expert, blending accessible tutorials with advanced insights and strategic perspectives on . Writing is my passion, offering a creative outlet and a way to clarify complex topics.

How I work best:

I believe in a collaborative process. I start by carefully listening to your challenges, goals, and aspirations. Then, I leverage my Coda mastery to craft tailor-made solutions that truly empower your business. If you're ready to unlock the full potential of Coda and transform the way you work, let's talk.


Clients working with me benefit from these templates. I reuse elements we need in your project and only charge the time it takes.

How We Can Help You?

For more information about our services get in touch with us via email:

1️⃣ Business cases

We make an inventory of all variables, store and relate them. You will be able to see different outcomes based on specific assumptions.

2️⃣ Project Management

Allow people to move through tasks while giving or retrieving their permissions and share feedback.

3️⃣ Payroll Management

Fill out the hours worked, sick leave, holidays and all other variables to get a monthly overview per employee and department.


I work mainly for smaller companies in Belgium and in the Netherlands and for a few USA clients. In my work I reuse what I previously created and in many cases wrote about. When you want to know what I do, you best read my blogs. Besides more general applications I have a few industry specific cases like time table management for bus companies. Clients tend to come back, which I consider as a good sign.
One of my clients wrote:
Your work was instrumental in getting the company through an important period of growth, so thank you for that!
And I’ll be sure to come to you with future coda projects for other clients (and possibly us ourselves) as they come up!
While an other client an a different industry shared:
Wow, this is fantastic...your coda coding is truly remarkable. Although I cannot comprehend exactly what it is and how to deploy, understanding a virtual index seem like a key ingredient into what I'm trying to accomplish.
In a conversation one client wrote:
Not only do you listen and make it all possible - but you took yourself to task for not seeing I was talking about a “bug” yesterday - that was incredible.


Per project as of 5000 Euro (about 40 hours).
125 Euro per hour VAT Excl.
Details about pricing and how you can follow-up on my work:

Company name: Huizer BV
Company Address : Paul Fredericqstraat 24, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Company VAT : BE 0552.857.834
Company Bank Number : BE20 3631 3012 7156
We no longer use BIC codes in the EU context, but the BIC of SWIFT is:
The name of the bank: ING Bank

email me:
We'll come back to you as soon as we can, meanwhile

References on request.

Best, Christiaan

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