I work and live in Ghent, Belgium, so we can speak in Dutch, French or English
- Coda Expert -
I've been an active Coda maker since early 2020. I am an expert at blending structured and unstructured data to solve complex business cases and building docs that are as powerful as apps for clients.

I developed a pack to make communication between docs easy. I believe in relational data.

I use Coda.io and here you read why. Although the benefits of spreadsheets like Excel & Google Sheet are beyond doubt, for serious calculations, project management and more, you need a tool like Coda.

Coding Coda requires a variety of skills. Being able to listen carefully is one of them.
People tend to start using Coda as of the moment their initial set up falls apart. The whatsapp group created to communicate quickly becomes a mess. The spreadsheets with planning create confusion and workers forget to show up. Your projects lack overview and get stuck. In the end you feel the pressure for change growing inside your organisation.

I believe it is good to start with quick & dirty solutions. They not only help out in the short term, they also prepare the road for more robust solutions. The experience along with the frustration proves often to be a rich breeding ground for innovative solutions.
Coda docs you love are characterized by:

  1. One main task per doc
  2. Docs you maintain easily
  3. Limited usage of packs to limit complexity
  4. Connect docs via webhooks, not via cross docs.
  5. Usage of native functions
  6. Use two-way-sync

Alone you fast, together you go farther
We work together with other coda experts
The moment I decided to invest in my skills as coda maker for hire, I felt the need to work together with like-minded people. Building trust takes time, but I am happy to say that over time I found makers working and living in the EU I can relate to, I can rely on. The bond we have permits us to reach out for help and support. For you as client, it implies you deal with me most of the time, but I can ask others for support to solve your problems better and faster than I could have done on my own.

Nobody is perfect and we all strive for the best.
Most of my time as consultant I spend relating docs to make sure that data living in one doc can be seen (and even edited) in an other doc. Indeed two way sync is wat we offer as well. More information you find here. You want to read a bit first?
How We Can Help You
For more information about our services get in touch with us via email: christiaan@huizer.be
Complex Business Cases
We make an inventory of all variables, store and relate them. You will be able to see different outcomes based on specific assumptions.
Permission Management
Allow people to move through documents while giving or retrieving their permissions and share feedback.
Payroll Management
Fill out the hours worked, sick leave, holidays and all other variables to get a monthly overview per employee and department.
Our Pricing
Together we create beautiful functional Coda Docs
Per hour
Contact Me
€ 5000
Per project max 45 hours
Contact Me
Details about pricing and how you can follow-up on my work: here.

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